João Wanzeller, director Logoplaste Benelux
(42 vestigingen, 1200 medewerkers)

"Our search for a Labour Law Firm started in the beginning of 2007. Being the first start-up in the Netherlands with an international managing team, we were looking for a competent partner to introduce us the specifics of the Dutch Labour Legislation, the mandatory collective labour agreements (CAO) and the rules of the daily game.

From the first contact 2Work professional approach proved to be a refreshing option to the traditional grey suited firms. Instead of a formal presentation about numbers and fees, 2Work surprised us with a concrete action plan already focused on the Logoplaste business activity. After 2 hours, we had been presented with assertive answers to most of our questions and doubts in a friendly professional environment.

Taking in account the experience of the partners, the choice to go on with 2Work was a straight forward decision, and has proven so far to be the right one. 2Work has proven to be a reliable partner, a driving force usually one step ahead. We are looking forward to the next years."

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